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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions.

Do you offer warranty on your luxury watches?

For Swiss mechanism watches we offer 2 years warranty . You can reach out to our customer service with your order number and our customer representatives will help you throughout the process.

How many years have you been operating as a business?

We have been working since 2014.

Can you send me videos or pictures of watches?

Please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp, and we’ll be happy to provide you with detailed videos and pictures.

Can you send the watch to my country?

Yes, we deliver worldwide

How can I get a discount coupon?

Subscribe to our newsletter for timely updates on the newest discounts and coupons.

The watch I want is 'out of stock' when will it be available?

We replace the “out of stock” watches as fast as possible. Please keep an eye on our website or reach out to us to get more information. Moreover, consider subscribing to our newsletter for timely updates on new arrivals and restocks.

Is purchasing replica items legal?

It is legal in many countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. Laws can change, so check your local regulations before purchasing.

What is the quality of your watches like?

Our watches are precise 1:1 replicas, meticulously crafted with the identical premium materials and artisanal skill as the originals. Prior to shipping, each watch undergoes thorough scrutiny by our experts to uphold the utmost quality standards. We stand by our assurance that every watch will not only resemble but also replicate the appearance and tactile experience of the original.

How are your replica watches compared to the authentic watches?

They are made from identical high-quality materials as authentic watches and exhibit the same level of precision and accuracy.

Does my watch purchase include original box and papers?

Yes, the watch includes the original papers, however there is an additional cost for the box and it needs to be purchased separately.

What is the lifespan of your replica watches?

Our replica watches are top quality and with proper care they can last a lifetime.

What materials are used for the watch dials?

Our watch dials are crafted from stainless steel, renowned for its scratch-resistant and robust qualities.

What are your watch cases made of?

Our watch dials are crafted from stainless steel, renowned for its scratch-resistant and robust qualities.

What kind of glass is used in your watches?

Our watches are made from scratch-resistant and highly durable sapphire crystal glass.

Do the models include functioning chronographs?

Yes, they do. The chronograph functions in our models are meticulously tested and guaranteed to be in perfect working order. Each watch undergoes thorough testing before being shipped to ensure all functions are operating correctly.

How do Swiss and Japanese Movements differ?

Swiss movements  are recognized for their precision, accuracy, and exceptional durableness. They are the symbol of  high quality in the watch industry.

Japanese movements  are also precise, reliable, and they require minimal maintenance. They are quartz-based and battery-powered. Japanese movements often present a budget-friendly alternative.

What distinguishes a manual watch from an automatic one?

Automatic watches wind themselves through the motion of the wearer’s wrist, while manual watches require regular winding by turning the crown. Automatic watches tend to have a longer power reserve, while manual watches need more frequent winding.

Are your watches water-resistant?

Yes, each of our watches is equipped with water resistance up to a specific depth, which varies by model. For detailed information about the water resistance capabilities of each watch, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Do the watches have ceramic bezels?

Yes, some of our models feature ceramic bezels. This material is prized for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, it is known for resistance against scratches and other forms of damage

If the specific model I'm looking for isn't listed in your store, can I contact customer service to request it to be added to your inventory?

Yes, we will add the model to our inventory and provide you with information about when it will be available

How can I eliminate scratches from my watch?

Polished Stainless Steel:

1. Fine Scratches:To tackle fine scratches, a jeweler’s cloth like the Pioneer/Shino Polishing Cloth (available from most watch suppliers) is your best bet. This double cloth has an inner layer infused with red polishing powder (ferric oxide or rouge). The outer layer serves to protect your hand from the red stain and is also used for the final polish. This jeweler’s polishing cloth works particularly well on gold. Alternatives include Sylvet washable cloths or double-sided jeweler’s cloths commonly found in drug stores. All you need, apart from these materials, is some elbow grease and common sense.

2. Deep Scratches: For deeper scratches, turn to Never-Dull, typically found in drug stores and hardware stores. Never-Dull consists of cotton saturated with a potent cleaner/polisher. It does have an unpleasant odor (similar to car polishing compounds) but is highly effective, leaving behind only faint scratches that can be eliminated with a jeweler’s cloth. Voilà, you’ll have a mirror finish!

CAUTION: It’s essential to note that you will always leave microscopic scratches on a highly polished stainless steel (or gold) surface. These ultra-fine scratches are only visible under bright light and from specific angles. The sole flawless finish is the one from the factory; even work done by jewelers may not match the factory’s mirror finish.

Brushed Stainless Steel:

1. Fine Scratches: To eliminate fine scratches, use a jeweler’s cloth gently. Be cautious not to over-polish, as this can result in a shine that doesn’t quite match the brushed look. If this occurs, you can restore the brushed finish following Step 3 below.

2. Small Area Scratches: For scratches over a small area, employ a fiberglass brush. It resembles a mechanical pencil with a bundle of glass fibers instead of lead. Brush the glass-fiber tip over the stainless steel surface to remove the scratches and reestablish a new brushed finish. It’s not recommended for large areas due to the potential for uneven brush strokes, especially around curves. Wear a thin latex glove when handling the brush to prevent irritation from broken fiberglass.

3. Large Area Scratches: When dealing with scratches over a larger area, utilize a Styrofoam block designed for nail polishing (available in beauty supply stores). These blocks are about an inch thick and 3 inches long, with a surface embedded with a very fine abrasive material. Gently brush with the grain to eliminate scratches and blend the new brush strokes with the original ones. The soft Styrofoam conforms to curved surfaces and is very forgiving. With patience, you can even remove deep dents and safely reshape small parts with this Styrofoam polisher.

Final Remarks on Steel:

The tips provided are intended for addressing minor scratches that are bothersome but not significant enough to warrant a visit to your local watchmaker or jeweler, or to send the watch out for repair. If you’re careful and patient, you can achieve satisfying results. However, for a complete restoration, especially in the case of vintage watches, it’s often best to entrust the watch to professionals equipped with the necessary tools and expertise.

Gold or Platinum:

For gold-filled or gold-plated watches, it’s advisable to refrain from attempting any restoration. Trying to remove more of the finish can lead to further damage, so it’s better to leave these watches as they are.

What payment options are available?

We offer a variety of secure payment options to cater to your convenience, including VISA, Mastercard, Western Union, American Express, Crypto Payments, PayPal as well as other trusted payment methods. You can get a discount when you select your payment method.

Should you require further information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team at info@domain.com .

Do you accept VISA / Mastercard?

Yes, you can pay with your VISA / Mastercard.

How do you manage sales tax?

It is managed depending on the destination country’s laws and regulations.

How do you manage VAT and import duties?

The price of the watch you’ve ordered includes the cost of VAT and import duties.

How can I use the coupon code?

You can enter your coupon code in the “Coupon Code” field on our checkout page and click on apply button. Then the discount will be applied.

Is there a spesific discount for bulk orders?

Yes we offer special discounts on bulk orders depending on number of watches purchased. To get more information you can contact with our customer service.

How does your shipping process work?

We process ‘Ready to Ship’ orders swiftly, typically within 24-48 hours following payment confirmation. Once your order has been dispatched, you can anticipate an estimated delivery period of approximately 5 to 10 business days. However, delivery times may fluctuate based on the destination country and the customs clearance procedures in place.

Please be aware that during peak seasons or unforeseen situations, delivery times might experience variations. We utilize reliable courier services such as UPS, DHL, and EMS to ensure your orders are delivered promptly and securely. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to provide a seamless shopping experience.

How long does the preparation before the shipping take?

The preparation takes 24-48 hours.

How long does the shipping take?

It takes 5 to 10 business days.

When will I get my watch after ordering it?

It’ll take 5-15 days, depending on the workload of the shipping companies.

How can I track the shipping?

After your purchase our customer service team will send you a tracking number from whatsapp.

What if my watch is held at customs?

This is a very rare case. But if it  happens we will handle the process and get the watch from customs. After that we will send you a new watch as soon as possible.

How much is the shipping fee?

It is 30$.

Can I buy a watch as a gift?

Yes, for an additional fee we can handle gift wrapping and engraving.  You should contact our customer service to get more information if you’ve decided to buy a watch from our website as a gift.

Can I order a watch to an address different than the billing address?

Yes, you can order a watch for an address that is different than billing address. When you are on purchase page please enter the address in the order notes.

How can I see my receipt?

The receipt is sent to the email address you’ve provided. You can also request it from our  customer service.

How can I contact you?

You can reach out to us by email or whatsapp

What is your return policy?

Our returns policy allows for items to be returned within 14 days of delivery, provided they are not used and in original condition. For more details on the returns process, please reach out to our customer support team or refer to our privacy policy page.

Why my watch did not move?

It is possible that the watch was not wound up before packaging. To start it, gently turn the crown clockwise for about 25-30 rotations until you feel resistance. If the watch still doesn’t work please contact with our customer service and they will provide help.

How can I give feedback after the purchase?

You can leave a review on our website or our Instagram page. We value and greatly appreciate each feedback and try to make the sale process better.

How can I take care of my watch better?

You should minimize water, dust and dirt contact with your watch and clean it.

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